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Mobility Solutions


  • Conversion Electric vehicle

  • Low Speed Electric vehicle

  • Golf Carts & NEV

  • AGV

  • ​Forklift

  • Utility Car

Industrial Solutions


  • UPS Battery System 

  • Battery System for Train

  • Military Battery System

  • Solar Street Lamp

ESS Solutions


  • MWh ESS

  • Middle size ESS

  • Small size ESS

  • Portable ESS

  • Redox Flow Hybrid ESS


Energy Storage System

Using its outstanding Battery Management Solution tech.,

TS60s develops and provides ‘Energy Storage System’ (ESS)

that can satisfy the customer’s requirements.

TS60s has not only successfully developed the large scales ESS,

but also has been supplying medium sized and small size

ESS for factory, office and home with inside

hybrid Inverter/Charger/Solar charger solution.



The lithium battery as an energy bank is the most effective and economical solution in industrial battery. Customers don’t need to worry about maintenance of battery and the lithium battery promise longer life cycles. With several years’ know-how in Battery Management Solution technology, TS60s provides lithium industrial battery system that can meet various customers’ needs from their industrial circumstance.


Based on The lithium batter’s high power & high energy density characteristics, it is becoming the standard in many fields of mobility industry. TS60s develops and produces full featured Battery Management Solutions that are specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of protecting and managing

battery packs for Mobility application

with automotive grade quality.

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